Cleveland comes into this prime time game hosting a 0-1-1 record and looking to bring a win to the Dawg Pound, and the Jets are coming to town; coming off a loss to the Dolphins and looking to get back on track. Cleveland’s Jarvis Landry has been nursing a knee injury stemming in the loss to the Browns and is still expected to start for the Browns on Thursday night. Cleveland’s defence has put the team in position to win, with other aspects of their games being the reasons they still are win-less. The New York Jets, after dismantling the Lions in week one came home looking to stay the course but were derailed by the Dolphins. Sam Darnold throwing for 334 yards, is going to be overlooked in this one as only one touchdown was thrown to two interceptions. The Jets struggled to run the ball against Miami and are coming up against a very stingy Cleveland defence who held Alvin Kamara to just 46 yards on 13 attempts last week. The offence of Cleveland is looking to fill the hole of Josh Gordon, as they traded him to New England at the beginning of the week. Look for Higgins and Callaway to step in and draw targets from Tyrod as he looks to find a new deep threat receiver.

The Browns defence comes up big in this game, is able to get after the young New York quarterback and frustrate him into making poor decisions and the Browns offence is able to finish this game off to celebrate their second win in their last 34 games.

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A divisional game that everyone should have circled on their calendar is finally upon us. The Saints roll into Georgia for what promises to be a high scoring affair. With Ryan and Brees at the helm; look for them to have huge outings along with their favourite targets in Jones, and Thomas. On the flipside, both teams come in nursing injuries to starters on the defensive side. The Falcons have officially ruled out four defensive starters, while the Saints have ruled out two. Look for these injuries to be a determining factor in a game that will come down to the wire. Now if that wasn’t enough, the Falcons also come into this game without starting running back Freeman, whilst the Saints have the dynamic Kamara healthy and ready to produce through the air and the ground. Ultimately, look for these injuries to be the determining factor in the game, which ultimately has the Saints coming out with an important divisional victory.

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all the hype in the off season was for Jimmy G but there’s a new gunslinger in town and he will not be mahome alone as all weapons will be running on full cylinders. The key for the 49ers will be avoiding turnovers, which they couldn't do against the Vikings. Kansas City has forced very few turnovers so far in 2018 and has allowed teams to march up and down the field because of it. If Garoppolo simply takes what they give him and doesn't force things too much, he can be very productive. The question of course, is whether that will be enough for the 49ers to keep up with Mahomes and the rest of the explosive Chiefs offense. 

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Miami is off to a fast start to the season with Tannehill back. Oakland on the other hand, cant seem to get anything going. We really are starting to notice Khalil Mack’s worth to that team. Carr had a bad first game against the Rams, but who hasn’t? Game 2 against Denver looked a lot more like the Carr we know and expect. That Denver defence is the only reason they were able to stop Oakland, because the offense was non-existant. Oakland and Miami’s offensive strategies have almost been the opposite with oakland being very pass heavy (8th ranked) and Miami being the 6th ranked rushing team. Kenyan Drake has been very efficient in the Miami run game, but Marshawn Lynch hasn’t looked soft either (his 10 yard power run against the Rams). There’s no specific injuries or weather issues to fight against these teams. Davante Parker also returns which should take away some fantasy relevance from Kenny stills. 
I think Oakland comes out strong, Amari Cooper and Marshawn Lynch will have great games.

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It’s never a good look for your team when your kicker is your leading scorer, you’ve had a player retire at halftime, and you’ve been outplayed in every aspect of the game we call football. Unfortunately for the Bills, that’s the nightmare they’re currently living in. On top of all this, it looks as if they’re lead running back in McCoy will not be 100% coming into a game against an elite defence, and an offence who is just getting started. In what seems to be another lopsided loss by the Bills, look for Latavius Murray to have a big day as the Vikings establish their running game after running up the score early on. On a final note: the only silver lining for the Bills amongst all of this. Is the fact that Josh Allen looks to be getting comfortable in what otherwise is a dumpster fire.

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wentz upon a time this was the most dangerous nfl offence and I see him picking up right where he left off against this porous defence. Good luck to the colts in what should be a statement game as to why they were the champs. Carson Wentz’s return overshadows the wild card in this matchup as Colts rookie head coach Frank Reich returns to face his former team. Reich, who took the job when Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had a last-minute change of heart, remains close with Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and may know their playbook better than anyone else in the league.
That intimate understanding of how the Eagles operate should have the Colts hang longer than expected. But as the game goes on, both the talent gap and Wentz’s return should prove to be too much in the second half. Despite the injuries, this Eagles team is too talented to start the season off 1-2.

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Aaron Rodgers; How healthy will he be? That’s all anyone wants to know. He played a tough defence and was sacked four times. That aside he went 30 of 42 for 281 yards and no interceptions. I imagine Washington will want to blitz often and early to make Rodgers uncomfortable. The D-Line for Green Bay is a favorable matchup to get Adrian Peterson back in the game after his 11 att for 20 yards. This game has the potential to be a shootout, and in a shootout, I don’t bet against Rodgers. Minnesota has a higher caliber defence than Washington on paper but Washington has not given up many points (second in the league with 13.5 points per game). The Redskins are a little beat up coming into this game, Zach Brown and Paul Richardson are the most noticeable. We are expecting rain in this game, so anything can happen. I’m expecting more running plays this week than previously and maybe we’ll get to see Aaron Jones (coming off suspension) but I’m not to hopeful. With Jamaal Williams being their key blocker and Ty Montgomery being their best back, I’m not sure there is enough snaps to go around for Jones.
As long as Rodgers plays, I’m taking the Packers. Rodgers big play ability can lead to anything. Alex Smith does not take risks (which is why there is rarely turnovers on his side of the ball) and that’s what could kill him in this game.

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The Bengals are hot right now, and yes, its surprising. This will not be an easy game for them and losing Joe Mixon certainly will not help. Thank goodness for the revamped offensive line, Dalton has only been sacked two times. This has been leaving him time to hit AJ Green and Tyler Boyd who has looked really good to start the season. Cam Newton will be key for the Panthers win (which is no surprise). He will need his best self, especially with the loss of his favorite target Greg Olsen, who is out with the same foot injury he had last year. The Panthers really need another key passing target to give Christian McCaffery a break. Devin Funchess and rookie D.J. Moore have been almost non-existent in this offence. Thankfully the Panthers are on a bit of a home win streak (six), and just need to feed off that energy. If they can keep Green covered they should have no problem winning this game. Without Mixon I think it will be hard for Cincinnati to get a run game going to open the pass game. The panthers can have an extra man in the secondary helping to cover Green. Panthers will make it a 7-win streak at home.

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jags will take this easily as the titans turn to Blaine gabbert an old flash in the pan qb draft pick from jax, they will remind themselves why they moved on from gabbert in a thumping victory to embarrass the titans.  
Last week’s win for the Titans very well could have been a season saver, no matter it only being Week 2. If the offense is healthy the Titans have the chance to put up two huge division victory pelts on their wall in the first three weeks of the season. It all depends on Marcus Mariota’s weary elbow against the Jags' nasty D. 

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Baltimore is coming off a long week of rest, after playing week 2 on Thursday night football and is coming back home to host the Denver Broncos. Denver’s offence needs to come up big in this game for them to come out of this one with a win and a 3-0 start. Baltimore is coming off a tough divisional loss to the Bengals last week and will be missing C.J Mosley and Hayden Hurst in this contest. Denver’s Brandon Marshall, Adam Jones and Demaryious Thomas all come into this one with questionable tags on their names. Baltimore’s defence has yet to show the league this year that they can maintain the dominance they had last year. Look for Weddle to read into the offence and be the reason for a turnover in this one. Keenum has thrown the ball well, having thrown for 551 yards in the first two weeks, but has also had issues turning the ball over as he’s thrown four interceptions to his three touchdowns so far. Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman lead the backfield of this broncos offence, with Lindsay being the more explosive back look for him to find a hole in the defence and open the game up for them. Von Miller leads the league in sacks (4) and will look to ensure that Joe Flacco will be peeling himself off the turf on every play. The Broncos defence has been overlooked as one of the best and will come to Baltimore while on a mission to prove they’re still one of the top defences in the league. Crabtree and Brown look to take advantage of the secondary of Denver that is off to a slow start. This match up will be more defensive than offensive and will be entertaining enough to draw your attention enough on Sunday morning.

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Odell, Saquon, Hopkins, Watt, Watson. This game is filled with high end names and should prove to be one of the more exciting games of the week. Watt and Clowney will definitely be after Manning trying to force the struggling offensive line of the Giants. The giants defence will be missing Olivier Vernon and Eli Apple, which leaves big holes that will need to be filled or the pair of Hopkins and Fuller V will run wild in this game. Odell looks to bounce back from a poor performance last week against the Cowboys with 4 catches on 9 targets. The Giants may struggle to keep up offensively with the talents of the Texans but keep your eyes out for a big day for Odell as he’s going to be trying to prove that he is worth the big contract he was awarded with before the season began.

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The Rams come into this “Home” game a 7-point favourite; with both teams being offensive and defensive power houses. The issue is the chargers defense hasn’t looked as tough as it did last year. I think the biggest challenge for the Chargers is going to be that Aaron Donald led Defense that hasn’t been scored on in 6 quarters of play. That D-Line gets a bit of breathing room because of the two top man coverage corners. Rivers has had no issue slinging the ball this far with 680 yards and six touchdowns through the first two games. Every aspect of this game is going to be worth watching. Both teams are loaded with star power. The weather will be beautiful, so the only downside is Joey Bosa still out with his foot injury and Travis Benjamin with his recent foot injury. The Rams have only allowed 6.5 points per game up till this matchup, and the chargers have allowed 29. They will have to find a way to slow the rams down because I don’t think they will be able to keep up in a shoot out. I will definitely be watching this match-up. Even though, Philip Rivers has put up top end numbers in his last two games, its worth noting that these stats were accomplished on low end defences. I don’t know if he will be able to keep up with Sean McVey’s play calling.

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The Cardinals come into this game with the lowest producing offence in the league. Ranked dead last in three out of four categories, and second last in the fourth. It’s puzzling to think that a team with David Johnson would produce such dismal numbers. However, that happens when you stray away from arguably the best offensive player on your team. With the addition of Khalil Mack, the Bears have seen a rejuvenation on the defensive side with a turnover differential of +3 so far. With the defence allowing less than 50% of 3rddown conversions, and the Cardinals lacking any type of offensive prowess. Look for the Bears to continue their domination on the defensive side of the ball, and for Jordan Howard to have a productive day; as he grinds out every last second and yard once a lead is achieved. Bears maul the Cards to go 2-1.

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After a week two loss, the Seahawks look to defend home turf as they welcome the Cowboys. The Seahawks go up against another stingy front seven in the cowboys’ defence, which doesn’t bode well for the Seahawks who have given up 12 sacks across two games already. Even though they have the edge at QB with Wilson, there’s no way he can be effective and take advantage of the holes in the Cowboys secondary, if he can’t even get the ball off. Pair that with a non-existent running game, and well you can see where I’m going with this. The Cowboys will look to keep rolling from their week two win by establishing a run game early on with Zeke, and taking advantage of the short field situations to come as the Seahawks give up sacks, and the Seahawks defence grows more and more tired as the game trots on. The Boys leave a dreary Seattle 2-1.

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Bill and Tom go to visit their old friend Matt Patricia in Detroit. With the Patriots coming off a loss to the Jaguars and the Lions are still win-less early in this season. Patricia has a lot to prove in this one as he faces his former team and his current team is struggling to start coming off losses to the 49ers and Jets. He’ll look to unleash Stafford in this one, with Marvin Jones and Golden Tate having big days in the passing game. The Patriots have traded for a new offensive weapon in Josh Gordon and it wont take long until Brady comes into the huddle and tells Flash to go long, finds him on a deep ball, and finds his new favourite target in that offence. Tom Brady is set to have his biggest offensive target in Gronk available for this game and that tandem is a very difficult one to bet against, even on the road. The Lions may be without Ansah and Slay in their defence and that just makes the day easier for Brady to manipulate the defence.

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Steelers poor defence won’t stop here as the bucs have gashed both the saints and the eagles, another shootout on the road where ben has been known to play retirement caliber football. Look for lots of turnovers in this one, Pittsburgh’s defense was killed by Kansas City’s spread formations. Andy Reid emptied the Chiefs’ backfield, giving Mahomes five eligible receivers across the field; often four of those receivers ran vertical routes, which was problematic to a Steelers D that plays only three men deep in zone. Ryan Fitzpatrick has played in spread-empty formations much of his career and Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter, who is fond of spread-empty, has two sharp weapons to feature down the seams in tight ends O.J. Howard and especially Cameron Brate. That’s where Travis Kelce gouged the Steelers.

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