Falcons VS Eagles

Dylan (0-0) Winner: Eagles. The superbowl celebration helps the crowd overcome what might be a lacking offence with Fols at QB, defence will hold up for the Eagles to come out with the win.

Andrew (0-0) Winner: Falcons 24-17. With no alshon Jeffery or Wentz and with Blount in Detroit now, I think the Cinderella magic of nick foles will come back down to earth. A mix of McKinley and Beasley will wreak havoc for foles. As long as Atlanta doesn't stall offensively it's there's for the taking

Herbie (0-0) Winner: Falcons. Even though the eagles got the best of the falcons a few months ago in their divisional matchup. Don’t forget that Foles was unable to throw for a TD, and the Falcons offence was getting comfortable at the latter stages of the season. With an off-season to work out all the kinks that plagued them in the better part of the season last year. Look for the falcons to come out on top in this rematch.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Falcons.  I want to cheer for the recent superbowl winners, but i'm not sold on Foles. After a tough preseason it's hard to find faith in the superbowl MVP. The elite defence will not be enough to solidify a win. As long as the Falcons can score in the Redzone they should have their first win

Bengals VS Colts

Dylan (0-0) Andy Dalton and company will be able to outscore the the Colts, even with Luck returning. The Colts have questions in the backfield that all their fans need answered, although with the addition of Ebron I don’t think that he is enough, even with Luck back, the offence is still lacking something and doesn’t start easy with the Dalton-Green connection coming to town for week one.

Andrew (0-0) Winner Indianapolis 17-13 Lucks first game back since injury, over 600 days? It will take some time but a home opener and a full offensive arsenal should be enough to edge the gnarly bengals defence

Herbie (0-0) Winner: Bengals. Yes we all know. Luck is back and that means that the Colts are back. Sure if we’re talking late season not an issue. However, with their first game slated against a tenacious bengals D and the lack of defence on the Colts side to stop a second year mixon, and the always explosive A.J Green. Cincinnati pulls this one out.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Bengals. I’m still unsteady on luck. what really doesn’t help is that there really isn’t a strong part of his team other then him. It wont be an easy win but i have no doubt it will be a bengals victory

Bills VS Ravens

Dylan (0-0) Baltimore walks away with an easy win as Nathan Peterman gets the start for the Bills.

Andrew (0-0) Winner Baltimore 46-13 In an absolute thrashing on a hopeless bills squad I see a lot of points coming off of turnovers and the raven will caw. It will be like watching a car crash.

Herbie (0-0) Winner: Baltimore.  This seems to be one of the no brainers for this week. With the Bills starting a QB who has not had success against top defences. I don’t see that changing anytime soon when he faces a hungry and always bruising Ravens D. Baltimore starts 1-0

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Baltimore. The bills are probably the worst team in the league to me. it only gets worse with nathan peterman starting.

Buccaneers VS Saints

Dylan (0-0) New Orleans, although without Ingram comes up with an easy win against the Buccaneers who are missing Jameis Winston. The Bucs will struggle to put up points and the Saints will be cruising back to where they left off last year.

Andrew (0-0) Winner: New Orleans 38-13 The bucs do little to inspire confidence especially as Winston gets set to serve his suspension, the saints will come marching in and feed the bucs a W

Herbie (0-0) TB v NO: With the suspension of Winston. A committee backfield, and an o-line that was not improved in the offseason; going up against one of the most polished teams in the NFL today. The Saints run away with this one early.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: The Saints have it all, a powerful offence and a shut down defence. The Bucs without jamis don’t have much more then a good D-line.

Texans VS Patriots

Dylan (0-0) Houston takes advantage of the slow start we expect the Patriots to have and comes out with a road win, although will be a shootout with Watson and Brady going head to head.

Andrew (0-0) Houston 38-27 Houston we have a problem.... No longer, with a healthy offence and defence with offseason acquisitions will prove to stun the patriots ( look back to the opener last year vs the Chiefs)

Herbie (0-0) HOU v NE: In one of the most anticipated, high scoring, and last second game winning moments of last season. Watson is back to continue his dominant play of last year, and the patriots are never someone to count out no matter who Brady has at his disposal. Look for the Texans D to be the edge that leads the Texans to a 1-0 start.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Patriots. it is hard to ever go against the patriots in any game. Even though the houston Defense should be able to constantly pressure Brady, i think he will be able to tear apart the defense with alot of 3 second schemes.

49ers VS Vikings

Dylan (0-0) After getting the news of Mckinnon being out for the season. Cousins comes out and shines in his regular season debut with the help of Diggs and Thielen to put up a ton of points against San Francisco.

Andrew (0-0) Minnesota 34-22 5 field goals for Gould After losing their star running back for the year against his former team, the 49ers will be forced to pass early and often and when you become one dimensional against a stout defence it allows them to key in and Goodwin doesn't do enough for me to believe they are anything but SKOL out of luck in this matchup

Herbie (0-0) SF v MIN: In a game where the Vikings lead back is coming off a season ending ACL injury, and the 49ers who may go for a committee backfield due to their loss at RB in McKinnon. Look for the game to be won in the air, where Minnesota will ultimately hand Jimmy G his first loss as a starter.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Vikings. Argueably the second best Defense in the sport with a top 5 offense. I’m not sure i will pick many teams to ever beat the vikings.

Titans VS Dolphins

Dylan (0-0) Tennessee walks into Miami’s home field and stuns the fans leaving Florida with a lopsided win against the Phins.

Andrew (0-0) Winner Tennessee 27-17 Defensively and offensively superior the Titans should pull away and be in no real danger of falling to the fins who lost a plethora of talent on both sides of the ball

Herbie (0-0) TEN v MIA: With a team coming off a playoff berth, and improvements over the offseason. Versus a team who gained key players but also lost key players and have not found consistent success. The Titans take the opener in Miami.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Titans. This playoff team should be able to beat Miami in just about every aspect of the game. Miami is going to have a tough year.

Jaguars VS Giants

Dylan (0-0) Odell got paid, Barkley is the new man in town, Eli should be able to find his guys and put up points against the great defense of Jacksonville, whom I think is going to take a week or two to get into the same form they were in last year.

Andrew (0-0) winner jags: 24-14 The jags defence is still essentially intact and fournette should run train on this soft front, Eli will have all of his toys, but the pressure will prove to be too much

Herbie (0-0) JAX v NYG: This one is as straight forward as they come this week. Ramsey will ultimately win the matchup vs OBJ, Barkley has a stud of a defence to play in his first regular season game, and Fournette will bruise cruise his way to the end zone. Jags take this one.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Jaguars. As much as i want to bet it all on OBJ and Barkley, i’m not sure Eli has it in him to dice the jaguars defense. The better Defense wins this game.

Steelers VS Browns

Dylan (0-0) Browns walk out of the dogpound with a surprising victory against the Bell-less Steelers. Tyrod with the offensive weapons of Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon will help the browns to secure their first win after a winless season last year

Andrew (0-0) Winner Pittsburgh 31-28 In a tightly contested game on enemy soil I believe the dawg pound will put up a fight with the steelers former offensive coordinator calling the shots and a vastly improved Clevland squad they will give the killer b's a run for their money but a team that hasn't won in over a year is not about to walk out on opening day a victor

Herbie (0-0) PIT v CLE: The Browns managed to make a lot of noise this offseason and even come out and look competitive in the preseason. However, even with a Bell-less offence. The Steelers are not someone to just push aside. It will be one of the closer games this week, but I’m giving the edge to the Steelers.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Browns. I don’t agree with all the offseason moves the browns made, but i do like it enough to view them as a real threat to alot of teams. I think the Steelers will start the season slow and it will cost them.

Chiefs VS Chargers

Dylan (0-0) I don’t see the Chiefs starting nearly as hot as they did last season, I think the Chargers just are the better team. Keenan Allen and Phillip Rivers will pick up right where they left off and without Marcus Peters I don’t think the defence of the Chiefs will be able to keep up.

Andrew (0-0) Winner San Diego 28-24 I like the potency of Kansas City with mahomes Hunt kelce & hill but the defensive side does little to inspire me that they will beat a team loaded on both sides of the ball, it will be a SHOCKING finish that mahomes will throw a prayer to the end zone but it won’t be answered in this contest

Herbie (0-0) KC v LAC: This is the battle of two high powered offences, one led by a vet and one by a young gun whose ready to make his mark. It’s gearing up to be an old fashioned shootout. However, the chargers also bring a top notch defence to the table and that’s where they’ll take their W. Chargers advance to 1-0

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Chargers. The chargers are very underrated, yet very put together is all aspects. It’s hard to bet on a QB playing his first game.

Cowboys VS Panthers

Dylan (0-0) Dallas wins. No controversy with Elliott, the offensive line is intact. I think that’s enough for the Cowboys to walk into Carolina and leave with a close win.

Andrew (0-0) Winner Carolina 28-13 Ever see the movie Debbie does Dallas? No?! Well this time Carolina keeps pounding America’s shaky line into submission

Herbie (0-0) DAL v CAR: With an injured o-line and a defence that saw the loss of key players. Unfortunately the Dak and Zeke magic won’t be enough to surmount the Panthers at home. Jones and the boys drop to 0-1

Mitch (0-0)Winner: Panthers. I could go either way, Dallas has had some shakey starts with Dak and Elliot can’t win every game by him self. Having Demarus Lawrence back just isn’t enough to make this team compete.

Redskins VS Cardinals

Dylan (0-0) DJ returns! Alex Smith cashed in on a new deal, but will head back to the usual Alex Smith that we all expect, and with the uncertainty at running back, and the lack of talent at wide reciever I don’t see the Redskins being able to pull this one off against the Cards.

Andrew (0-0) Winner Carolina 28-13 Ever see the movie Debbie does Dallas? No?! Well this time Carolina keeps pounding America’s shaky line into submission

Herbie (0-0) WAS v ARI: This was one of the tougher games to choose a winner for this week since they are closely matched in all facets across the board. However, it ultimately comes down to the X factor. David Johnson will be the reason that The Cards pull out a tough and close victory.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Cardinals. DJ has a point to prove and i think he will have every opportunity to do so.

Seahawks VS Broncos

Dylan (0-0) Denver wins. This choice was made a little with my heart, but mostly my brain. I think Keenum will be able to do enough with the new pair of wideouts, and the fresh new runningback in Royce Freeman. The Seahawks are lacking something on defence as the LOB is down to one, and Wilson just can’t do it all on his own, not against that defence.

Andrew (0-0) Winner Seattle 21-13 Don’t sleep on the Seattle defence and they don’t call him DANGERuss for nothing, hawks pull out the W.

Herbie (0-0) SEA v DEN: With the Broncos working hard this offseason/draft to address many of their concerns. Russell Wilson won’t be enough to give Seattle a winning start to this season.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Denver. That offence is reborn, and the Seattle defense is dieing.

Bears VS Packers

Dylan (0-0) Rodgers comes to Lambeau Field after cashing in on a monster contract extension, proving exactly why the Packers have made him the highest paid QB. Although the Bears just signed Mack to an equally monster contract, I don’t think he’s enough for the Bears to steal a win in Green Bay.

Andrew (0-0) Winner Green Bay 31-24 He’s back! Rodgers can pull a rabbit out of his hat and even with a stout bears defence look for him to pull out the W as the marquee players are a rookie and transfer who will both need to acclimate to the system

Herbie (0-0) CHI v GB: The bears made waves by trading for Mack. However, he alone will not be enough to stop a surging Aaron Rodgers who you can’t count out until the clock reads 00:00.

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Packers. Rarely will I ever go against Aaron Rodgers, and i won’t this time. The Bears offence isn’t good enough to keep up with the garanteed offense Rodgers brings in his new $108M guaranteeed contract.

Jets VS Lions

Dylan (0-0) The Jets haven’t made the offseason acquisitions to be a competing team, although drafting Darnold I still think they’re in for a rough season and it doesn’t start easy for them with Stafford and the Lions being the first stop of their journey. Lions are able to easily outscore the Jets on sunday afternoon in Michigan.

Andrew (0-0) Winner Detroit 27-13 Detroit rock city baby! The roar of the lion will be heard as the defence feasts on the rookie and Mathew stafford let’s it rip, watch Blount to punch one in for good measure as well

Herbie (0-0) NYJ v DET: With the signing of Blount and a draft where they took another running back and center in the first two rounds. It seems as if the Lions have moved into becoming a multidimensional offence. Going up against a defence with glaring holes, and who ranked in the bottom 10. It may be close for the beginning parts of the game. Nevertheless, the Lions run away with it and start off 1-0

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Lions. The NYJ team doesn’t have a Top 16 Offense or Defence. Matthew Stafford should be able to dice up that defense.

Rams VS Raiders


Dylan (0-0) Personally, I don’t think the Raiders should’ve let Mack leave. That leaves a massive, unfillable hole in their defence and the Rams’ offence will be able to find where they left off from last season.

Andrew (0-0) Winner LA 28-21 The lack of weapons in Oakland’s defence will show up in this one as Carr has a day but it just won’t be enough to fend off gurley and company

Herbie (0-0) LAR v OAK: This was one of the easier choices this week plain and simple. The Rams kept the pieces that made their offence so potent and then added to it with Cooks. Then to top it all off. The Rams have given Wade Phillips more than enough top tier talent for him to build one of the most staunch looking lineups in the past few years. Gruden comes back to coaching. Only to go 0-

Mitch (0-0) Winner: Rams. With the massive loss of Mack i don’t know who will be on that Defence to stress Goff. There’s no way Oakland could possibly win.

This week; Andrew: 6-10 Dylan: 7-9 Herbie: 9-7 Mitch: 9-7

Season; Andrew: 6-10 Dylan: 7-9 Herbie: 9-7 Mitch: 9-7